"Massage is the language of touch, a meeting with the heart for body, mind and soul ..."


The orig. Tantra Massage

A Tantric Massage is a sensual erotic massage ritual on highest level. Althought structured in detail, it es every time a unique work of art. Attentiveness and respect, giving and receiving, worhsip and acceptance, being fully present in the here and now - the Tantra Massage mirrors the essence of Tantra in ervery facet.


Tantra Massages have a very reasonded and meaningful construction. It contains different massage technologies as well as elements from Tantra, Tao, Bioenergetic and Sexual Therapy. It takes all of theese and turns them into a beautiful and unique ritual. This ritual includes the genitals massage - respectful, attentive and an intrinsic part of any Tantra Massage.

My Massage Programm

1,5 h => 210 €

2 h   => 260 €*

2,5 h=> 310 €*

 3 h   => 360 €*

Please note:

During each massage your penis (or vagina) will get inensive attention, but: 

=> I don´t offer "special services" like sex or similar. I don´t feel responsible for it!

If you like to get a prostate massage, it will be included without extra charge.