From a teacher to free Lilly.


As a teacher at school, I have been burned for years ... until I was burnt out. After a long illness, I pulled the tear line, I jumped from the burnout into the real life without a parachute!


I sold my house, got divorced, put my official job on the nail. The married women became a single, from the material comfort zone it was a "back to the basics" ... always in search of the flow of life. I moved into a caravan and traveled through the world with a sailing boat or plane for three years.


Now I began to study the daily synchronicities of life and watched myself and the people in my environment when I once again did something "crazy". Ultimately, I was able to bring confidence, a lot of experiences and an open heart at home. I wrote down my experiences and even books about. 


If I had the feeling, for the most part of my life, not to fit into the mainstream, I was able to discover in recent years that my way of thinking and living can be described very well with a single word: Tantra! There is another thing: FREEDOM. To be a tantricist means to be free as well: free to think, free to act, free from the opinions and expectations of the others. Sva Ha! That's how it should be!


Last years I visited many tantra seminars in different institutes. I discovered a "new" passion in me: tantric massage. My education was done in a renowned institute in  Berlin, the Spiritual Tantra Lounge. If you are interested in the topic, then you are welcome to visit this website. 



The new Lilly Lynn: she loves her freedom, she´s a lively, charming and life-affirming woman.  Free Lilly!