Sensual tantric massages are my passion.

"Fragrant warm oils will be massaged into your skin by sensitive hands, silk caresses your body tenderly. You can lose yourself completely, in a world of sensual touch, in a world of  tenderness and lust..."

Tantra Massage.

I´m a real Tantra Massage therapist. If you want to feel close, to receive love and let your body be touched very tenderly - that's my way. Whether man or woman, whether thick or thin ... The size of the clothing and the age is equal absolutely.


Just let yourself be pampered. Let yourself be touched. You do not have to do anything. You can relax and experience sensations that will probably be new for you. Feel invited to give yourself this wonderful gift.


Write me a message or give me a call and I am there for you!

Special Offers.

Have you ever tried to make a laugh meditation


Or did you ever enjoy a sensual and loving haircut or a tender intimate shaven?


I invite you to make the experience! You can book it in combination with a massage session (30 € extra charge).


Feel free to test it - but you can make your choice in the preliminary talk too.